A few simple steps can save your back stress and and keep you moving without pain. Walking is great for your back and it’s as simple taking a step out the door. And if you wear good shoes, it’s that much better for your back. Warm-up and back supports are two more ways to help your back.

Walk every day

How can something so easy to do be good for you – and in so many ways! Walking helps your discs by moving fluids in and out, keeping them spongy and flexible. It stretches and strengthens back and thigh muscles, giving your back better support. Overall, it can keep your body fit and trim and less weight means less stress on your back. Be sure to walk with your three natural curves aligned. Start with five minutes a day and slowly work up to 20 – 30 minutes every day.

Wear cushioned shoes

Comfortable, well cushioned shoes absorb shock as you walk and help your discs cushion your spine. When walking, wear a good pair of walking or jogging shoes. Buy dress shoes with no more than half-inch heel and minimise the time you wear high-heeled shoes. (They don’t absorb shock and they throw your spine out of alignment)


Warm up

Slow catlike stretches before work and exercise warm up your body, helping you prevent back injuries. Warm-ups soften your discs and stretch your muscles, improving flexibility.




Use a back support

Back support helps you keep you spine alive when sitting or driving. A rolled up towel tapped to the back of your chair is one type of lumbar roll that you can use to sport your lower back.

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