Here at PULSE we also provide a wide range of services to fit into today’s busy corporate world and we understand that not everybody has the time to visit us in our clinics.

With this in mind we have developed our corporate programme which brings all the benefits of a PULSE clinic into your workplace.



We offer:

We can provide one-off corporate “bonus” days which is a great way to say “thank you” to your staff or we can set up a working relationship where we provide regular sessions at a time and cost to suit your companies needs.

Alternatively we can provide our services and the individual employee funds the treatment/session.


Some of the benefits of our Corporate programme:

  • Increased productivity as we come to you thus minimising time away from the work place
  • Employee satisfaction – They feel looked after and valued
  • Excellent for HR communication – especially if it is a work related injury
  • Promotes the image of your business when recruiting new staff

    Please feel free to contact us to chat about any aspect of this service.