Why Qualify as a Personal Trainer?

shutterstock_121967491 JQuery1 featured imageFor those interested in health, fitness, exercise and well-being, qualifying as a Personal Trainer can be hugely rewarding, whether it is a career path you then wish to follow or not.
When studying to become a Personal Trainer, you gain a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the human body and how the different energy systems work in ...
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Whilst recovering from an injury or living with a long-term injury, learning the skill of pacing activity levels is the key to success!
The best way to explain the principle is to look at the graph below for an example patient, Orla who has low back pain:


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Panic Training – Cycling

If you are training for a big challenge cycle ride for the first time and have only a short period of time in which to prepare, it’s important to get the basics right as the injury risk could be high.


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