The Sports Massage Clinic is based in the main reception area of the LSBU Sports Centre.

There are discounted rates for LSBU students, staff and alumni.

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Sports Massage
What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is the scientific manipulation and assessment of the soft tissues for the prevention of injuries, whilst maintaining good physical condition and health.

Benefits For The Sportsperson

Sports massage is now deemed an integral part of the sports persons training and fitness regime and not just a “luxury” item. Many top athletes feel that by regular maintenance sessions they are able to sustain optimum performance and pick up on any potential problem areas before they become too severe and thus hamper their training / competition. Specific benefits include:

  • Will Wrigley, PULSE Sports Therapist

    Will Wrigley, PULSE Sports Therapist

    Promotes the healing of soft tissue injury

  • Helps reduce the risk of injury

  • Helps reduce tension pre & post competition

  • Helps speed up recovery after high intensity training/competition by speeding up lactic acid removal

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Re-mobilisation of stiff joints post-operatively

  • Helps minimise DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness).

  • Helps reduce swollen limbs & oedemic tissue after injury & immobilisation

  • Helps balance autonomic nervous system thus aiding a positive approach to competition

  • Passive Stretching and MET Stretching Sessions also available

Benefits For The “Every Day Person”

Sports massage can also be used as part of your weekly routine to help unwind or relax or just to help you recover from the stresses of everyday life.

  • At home, office or clinic.

  • Reduce build up of tension.

  • Aid circulation.

  • Helps to promote a feeling of relaxation, well being & calmness.

  • Soothe aching muscles Some techniques can aid slimming.

  • Helps overworked muscles regain elasticity.

Arm InjuryWhy Pulse Sports Therapy?

Pulse provide a high quality professional and personal service, and at an affordable rate. We understand each individual is different, and our (male and female) team of Sports Therapists and Sports Massage Therapists are all equipped with the necessary knowledge and experienced to provide a tailored sports massage to meet your needs.

So whether it be part of an injury prevention strategy or to help with the healing of a particular injury, a one off pre or post event massage or course of treatment over a season, or a treatment session to suit the body part(s) of yours that carry the most stress; make an appointment with us. To find out further information or to arrange an appointment, you can contact us using the details below.

LSBU-Sports-Centre-Logo-optVery Competitive Pricing

For various reasons we are unable to display our prices on our web site. We do, however, consider our rates very competitive and reasonable (as do most of our patients), and there are discounted rates of treatment for LSBU students, staff, and alumni. If you get in contact with us we will happily discuss our pricing structure with you, before any appointment is arranged.

LSBU AOSFurther Information

Appointments are available on a one-on-one basis. All information you share with us is dealt with in strictest confidence. If your appointment need is urgent, we will arrange with you the soonest time we can which could be on the same or following day. However, we can’t guarantee this and it is best to allow at least a week in advance when arranging an appointment, particularly during the busy times.

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*We pride ourselves on efficiency of service and will endeavour to return your call within 2-3 hours.

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