Maybe your shoulder is healing without surgery. Maybe you’re recovering from surgery. In either case, your shoulder’s starting to feel good again and you want to keep it that way. From now on, think about how you’re moving. Avoid straining your rotator cuff and remember to exercise – it’s one of the best ways to keep your shoulder fit and powerful for the future.

Smart moves

Ease yourself back into healthy everyday activity by remembering the following:

  • Don’t push, pull or lift anything heavy while your shoulder heals
  • Avoid long periods of overhead shoulder activity (like reaching or throwing) while your shoulder heals
  • Using good posture, stand straight and relaxed without slouching
  • Don’t read or watch TV propped up on the arm or elbow of your injured shoulder
  • Don’t sleep on your injured shoulder
  • Use your shoulder daily, even it if hurts a little. A stiff, inactive shoulder takes longer to heal

Smart exercise

If you plan to start working out or playing sports again, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Stick with your stretching and strengthening exercise programme to avoid stiffness and weakness in your shoulder muscles
  • Before returning to sports or aerobics, find a good coach or instructor to show you the best ways to move to prevent future shoulder injuries