With the right treatment and rehabilitation, you can usually return to an active lifestyle after a knee ligament injury. In many cases, you can even return to your sport of choice if you’ve done everything possible to strengthen and support your knee. Once again, you can trust your knees to brace you for the brisk pace of your life.

A joint solution

Proper care can restore your knees joint stability. It takes team work; you, your orthopedist and your physical therapist working together. Before your knee can be treated you’ll need an evaluation and after treatment, you play and invaluable role in recovery.

An early evaluation

An orthopedic evaluation helps your doctor determine the severity of your injury and your best treatment options. The earlier your evaluated the earlier your treated, and the better your chance of successful recovery.



Treatment for your knees

A knee ligament injury can be treated in one of two ways: non surgically or surgically. Your orthopedist’s recommendation depends on the severity of your injury and the level of activity to which you hope you return. Rehabilitation also will be a part of your treatment programme.




Your role in recovery

Surgery isn’t a cure-all. Your successful return to normal activities depends largely on your commitment to rehabilitation and maintaining strength in your leg. You may be aided in recovery by a physical therapist who specialises in rehabilitation of joint and muscles after surgery.

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